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Welcome to LIBSA

Turning business ideas into reality

The formation of Limpopo Business Support Agency is a resultant of the Provincial Growth and Development Strategy, which focused on exploiting opportunities in all the economic sectors for business development and promotion amongst existing and aspiring entrepreneurs in the whole Limpopo Province. Although the mandate of LIBSA is to focus mainly on the growth sectors, the scope of services to the business community is far beyond the scope given the dynamic environment within which LIBSA operates.

Central to the mandate of LIBSA, it is its role to promote enterprises in the sectors of Mining, Tourism, Agriculture, Manufacturing and Construction and Information Communication Technology into the mainstream economy. To this end LIBSA appreciates that the success of the institution to drive economic development in the lifeblood of enterprises lies in its ability to grow organically in terms of Geographic Spread, Research and Development, Information Management Systems and Skilled Human Element.

With an evolvement of the strategies on an ongoing basis, LIBSA provides business support services to the broader business minded population by stimulating the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst women, the disabled and the youth. The contribution of this institution in Limpopo Province could best be summarized as:

Reducing poverty
Stimulating economic growth
Creating wealth
Entrenching entrepreneurial concepts and practices in rural and economically disadvantaged communities.
Turning Business Ideas into Reality

Our Vision

A leading and reliable Business Support Agency

Our Mission

We co-ordinate and implement innovative business support programmes through:

Co-operatives development and support
Business incubation
Business information dissemination
Business advisory services
Capacity development programmes

LIBSA Strategic Focus

The LIBSA Pay-Off Line is the institution' s working focus and represent a summary of our mission. With that in mind, the successful accomplishment of our short and long term objectives are underpinned by this philosophy that filters the institution from the corporate into all the operational level. The ability of LIBSA to deliver on its brand promise stems its ability to align the Organizational structure to strategy and business processes.

Enterprise Longevity

The long-term sustainability of LIBSA is not only important to its employees but to the broader business community in Limpopo Province and beyond. Our recruitment drive focus on bringing on board skilled personnel to further enable the institution towards effective achievements of the broader vision  developing and promoting enterprises into the main stream economy. With empirical evidence showing the average life span of three years for new businesses, LIBSA business support services are tailor-made to cover an in-depth management of a business enterprise. Uplifting the Local Economy and Environment We provide easy access to essential business development services, including education, market access and promotion to entrepreneurs who need support to realize their business dreams.

We provide all non-financial support services free of charge
We assist with the marketing, distribution, processing of agriculture products
We enhance rural development and provision of basic infrastructures
We contribute to the reform of the financial and social sectors
We further democratization and increase community development.

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